Unlocking Transcendence are with me.

Written By:Michele Rusconi Translated By: Farah Baghdadi
“I have access to all the help and wisdom I ever need” There are so many positive changes. The tools in Unlocking Transcendence are with me on a daily basis, always there to help me out in whatever situation I find myself in. They have helped me have peace of mind, they have helped get clarity, they have helped me know myself better, and so much more. I enjoyed that it was on a daily basis and in a group, as it inspired me to use my tools and apply the knowledge daily, and having group feedback was very inspiring and enlightening. The lessons being quite short were also a plus, as then I had no excuse for not making the time. Short in time, but priceless in value. I just wish they could go on forever :-) and they can - it's just up to me to go back to the course again until I know all the tools by heart and use them daily. My life seems to be getter better and better, and a lot more flowing. I truly know I am not alone in Life. I have access to all the help and wisdom I ever need. I'm extremely grateful to Jeffrey Allen for taking the time to put this course/quest together, and for doing it in such a kind way with "neutral amusement". He's really the best :-)

Michele Rusconi

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