"The change I feel inside me is indescribable" I was introduced to Mindvalley in February 2020. Since then, I am daily on the app. I think I watched every single video related to spirituality and energy, as, I found my life lately shifting to this direction. I'm taking many quests currently, haven't finished any of them yet except for the "live by your own rules" quest, and what I can say is that: I am so grateful for Vishen and every teacher who's participating to make a change in this world. The change I feel inside me is indescribable although I haven't finished my quests yet, but I can already feel how different I become in only few months. I am simply addicted to Mindvalley and to all what you guys offer! I can't wait till I get the chance to be at Afest! Thank you! Much love, Maha

Maha Mahfouz

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