"I gained so much more knowledge" Before this program I was mostly aware of my physical body, how it moved and danced , developed and functioned from my teenager years, into my now, late sixties. It is an incredible machine, and I always was proud of the gift. Also took great care of it. When I took the duality and soon after the unlocking transcendence with Geoffrey Allen, I gained so much more knowledge and there for power and control over all of my body faculties, that are so much more then meets the eye. Knowing that there is more to us, and experiencing that there is is not the same. In this quest, you will go through the experience, visit your body near and far, like never before. Self awareness, where am I? When am I? My body and what it feels like to be in it. Merging the physical body with the energy body. They can move separately, they both advice you and you learn to listen to both. The highlights in this quests are so many, and the tools for life are helpful on daily basis. Healing your self, clearing out stuck energy, finding your boundaries with your self and others. Organizing the space in your head and claiming your rooms inside your head is the most calming , personal, non violent act of kindness you can give your self and the world you come in contact with, on daily basis and for the rest of your life. This should be thought in schools to very young children, not just teenagers. The most important comment about this quest is our teacher. He is a teacher that feels everything he speaks from every cell in his spiritual, and physical body. Aware of everything around him, while staying calm and collected full of knowledge, and does it all with a smile and amusement.? No matter what other quests or high education you chose to take until now, you will feel yourself more whole, full of renewed energy for yourself and better able to spread it out into what ever you choose to do with it. Wisely. After all your awareness of mind, body, spirit, emotions, are all working in harmony now, and you check in with them and have the tools you need to continue. With gratitude, Aviva wynn.

Aviva Wynn


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